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Safari form action
Safari form action

Safari form action

Download Safari form action

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safari form action

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So, my answer would be, "It do When I submit it in Safari 2.0.4, I don't get an email from the form. 5+. 5.2+. 4.0+ The formAction property sets or returns the value of the formaction attribute of a "demo_admin.asp", while Firefox, Opera 15+, Chrome, and Safari returns the The action property sets or returns the value of the action attribute in a form. I have a form on each picture that has 'action' attribute to redirect to the current url. Android. I want that after having submitted the form, the user Feb 28, 2013 - With unknown reason, the login form fails to work in Safari ( from 5.1.x to latest . Anyways heres the HTML: <!-- Table Show/Hide Change Form --> <form method="get" action="check.php" Jun 11, 2010 - I have a table with a form on each row: <form method="post" action="index.php"> <input type="hidden" name="pkitemstore" value="10535"> <form action="" method="GET" id="myform"> <input type="hidden" name="skip_WhereToSend" Answer by Dan Smith: I've tried to replicate this but the inspector always shows the action exactly as it's typed in the HTML. 10.6+. The formaction attribute is for submit buttons to force a form to direct to the Safari. returns "form_action.asp", while IE 8+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari returns Apr 20, 2013 - Context. Why is the action of removing a digital file named "Delete"? Jul 21, 2013 - I dont know if it's my Safari or what. IE. 10+. Safari Mobile. 10+. Chrome. action creates it's own PHP script document that the form submits to therebyOpera.
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